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While much of this website deals with my personal struggle with WCB, there's an abundance of information here that can benefit others. As of late, a fellow injured worker/advocate and I have tackled WCB’s practice of deeming medicated workers “fit” for employment, when they clearly are not (click here to read more).


I’ve also published an additional website advising injured workers of their right to sue WCB adjudicators who abuse their authority (Case Managers, Voc. Rehab. Personnel, etc.). The site pertains to an injured worker who sued several WCB employees, which WCB appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, and lost. Readers will find relevant information, including court decisions, posted here.  


By way of introduction my name is Thomas Brown and I’m a 54-yr-old, single, disabled father of one. My daughter and I reside in Regina, Saskatchewan.


In 1997 I worked as a certified Utility Arborist, and had been employed as such for some 16 years. In September of that year a significant change occurred to my work duties. Instead of performing my regular duties of trimming trees with a chainsaw from a man lift (cherry picker), I was required to trim them manually with a 30 foot tall 'Pole saw' while standing on the ground. It was at the precise time of this work-duty change that I sustained serious injury to my neck.


I subsequently underwent 2 surgeries on my neck, the last of which left me with a condition known as a "Brown Sequard" syndrome (little to no sensation on the left side of my body - moderate to severe paralysis on the right). In addition to this I still have the severe chronic pain the surgeries were meant to relieve. Consequently I am now permanently disabled, and unemployable.


Regardless that my injury was fully supported by my employer, my primary physician, neurosurgeon, 2 radiology specialists, as well as peer-reviewed medical journal evidence,  the Board at WCB has denied my work injury claim. The Board has in fact rejected any and all evidence supporting my work injury, including medical evidence they themselves obtained. Moreover when consulting their own medical advisor, key information such as the significant change in work duties was deliberately withheld from their physician in order to obtain an opposing medical opinion/report. 


Following this introduction is a link to the most recent of several appeals I've filed over the years. In it I provide evidence that not only nullifies the reasons used to deny my claim, but confirms the Board's handling of my case has been deliberate, dishonest, and biased. Ultimately this evidence confirms that I’ve been denied the very coverage that WCB legislation is intended to provide. Upon your review of this appeal I'm more than confident you'll find the same.


Following my appeal (same page) is the Board’s corresponding decision, which took 8 full months to render. While this in itself may seem unremarkable, the extraordinary part is that the Board did not address a single appeal issue. Considering it was they who had initially raised these issues and denied my claim as a result of them, this would have to be the most blatant example of the injustice surrounding my case. 


My primary purpose in creating this website is to expose WCB corruption, and the government’s willingness to allow it. If you are interested in reviewing my most recent correspondences with various government officials (including the Minister Responsible for WCB), you can choose from those officials listed on the navigation bar (left).


I’m only one of countless injured workers that fall victim to such treatment, and I urge others to set up similar websites to this (click here to learn how). Explain your circumstances and promote your websites by submitting your URL (web address) to various web search engines, government officials, media, injured worker forums, and of course WCB. Above all, “Don’t give up”. Our families deserve better, and we deserve to have our dignity restored – dignity WCB stripped us of.


I welcome any and all comments or suggestions readers may have, which can be left (anonymously if you prefer) in my Guestbook. I am also willing to provide help and advice to fellow injured workers in similar situations. Please feel free to either Contact Me for this assistance, or visit my Self-Help / Solutions page for valuable information. You'll also find additional resources listed on my Links page. 




Tom Brown


Injured worker/advocate



Readers will find my latest appeal here



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