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There have been numerous correspondences with this office over the years, far too many to post here. The following is merely a sample of the letters I’ve written, and the response I’ve received.


Thomas Brown

1114 – C Blackwood St. N.

Regina, Sask. S4X 3E5



July 4, 2005



Re: WCB Claim # 1007 0989 21D

      SHRC File # RG-03-024



Premier Calvert:


Your office had previously looked into my situation, and I refer you to your most recent correspondence of September 8, 2004.


When I last contacted your office it was to advise you of misconduct on the part of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board. It was/is my contention that the Board far exceeded its’ jurisdiction with dishonesty and bias, and that the Minister responsible for the WCB has done nothing to deter this. I had also advised your office that such treatment is a violation of my right to non-discriminatory treatment, and as such, I had contacted the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. I further advised that the SHRC unjustly refused to investigate my complaint, and that the Minister responsible for the Commission has done nothing to deter this.


In your correspondence to me you specifically stated:


“While the Minister can, and does, take steps to ensure the governing legislation is adhered to, it is not appropriate for either the Minister or me to become involved in any individual issue or claim. I have every confidence in Minister Higgins and her office in dealing with your, and others’, concerns.”


Attached to this email is my most recent appeal to the WCB. In it I have raised 7 key issues that prove conclusively that the Boards’ handling of my work injury claim has been deliberate, dishonest, and extremely bias. Be advised that all of these issues have been raised in previous appeals, and all have either been outright ignored, or deliberately sidestepped by the Board. Upon your review of this appeal, I am confident you will find that governing legislation has not been adhered to. The fact that this misconduct continues after I have repeatedly brought it to the attention of Minister Higgins, would strongly suggest that your confidence in her office is misplaced. 


Please do not offend me by suggesting it would be inappropriate for your offices to become involved in this. This issue is one of blatant corruption and bias on the part of the WCB, and to date, your government has willingly allowed this to continue. I should think it would be inappropriate for your offices to not become involved.


It should also be noted that you have made no comment regarding my concerns with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. For the record, the SHRC has dismissed my complaint against the WCB stating:


“The Commission does not act as an appeal body to the WCB.”


Under no circumstances have I asked the Commission to act in this manner. My complaint is that of discriminatory treatment by the Board, which has been well documented in my last 2 appeal efforts. The Commission’s refusal to investigate this complaint suggests that the WCB is exempt from complying with “The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code & Regulations”, where in fact it is not. The Commission argues that the appropriate course of action is through the WCB appeal process. Were it not for the boards’ corruption and discriminatory treatment of my claim, I would certainly agree with that argument. Nonetheless, it remains clear that governing legislation has not been adhered to, and that the Minister of Justice has neglected his responsibilities.


Please be advised that I have now involved the Canadian Human Rights Commission in my case. I also fully intend to make this and all documentation pertaining to my case, available to national and local media.


Following this email you will find my most recent correspondences to Minister Higgins, and Chief Commissioner Scott of the SHRC (Cc: Minister of Justice). It is my understanding that your office has already received a copy of the June 23, 2005 response from Minister Higgins.


Although it may be difficult to believe after 8 years, my determination has remained intact, and I will not relent until these wrongs have been put right. Past responses from your office, and the offices of your Ministers, have only fuelled my determination.


I again look forward to your reply.



Sincerely, Tom Brown


Thomas Brown

1114-C Blackwood St. N.

Regina, SK. S4X 3E5



August 29, 2005



Premier Calvert:


Please be advised that I have posted our recent correspondences on my website, together with a direct link to your email address. You can access these correspondences via the home page at:


Alternatively, you can directly access these correspondences at:


Please note that my website “Appealing the Saskatchewan WCB” is now searchable through Yahoo, Google, and MSN. In addition to this, direct links are posted at several other websites including “Community Of Injured Workers In Canada”, and “”.



Sincerely, Tom Brown



In the fall of 2007 there was a change of government here in Saskatchewan. I have written numerous letters to this new government (The Saskatchewan Party), the vast majority of which have gone unanswered. Subsequently I’ve dedicated an entire website to this government, which exposes their broken pre-election promises, and their efforts to cover-up WCB corruption.


Readers will find this new website here.


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