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The change in my work duties

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The following description is in regards to the change that occurred to my work duties, and was provided to the Board at my initial appeal. It was this significant change in work duties that coincided with the onset of my symptoms, and convinced everyone but the Board that 'Pole sawing' was responsible for my physical difficulties.


“For most of my 16 years as a licensed Arborist, I have trimmed trees while aloft in a man lift. While standing in the man lift basket, the trimming I performed was done by means of a hydraulic driven chainsaw. This chainsaw, while somewhat heavy, plugged into special tool outlets in the basket and was powered by the truck's hydraulic system. Whereas most trimming was performed at eye level and did not require much more than reaching 2 or 3 feet outwards, occasionally I would have to reach upward or downward. The only adverse effect that I experienced from this method of trimming, was tired arms at the end of the day.”  


“Pole sawing on the other hand is much more physically demanding, and requires different movements altogether. The tree trimmer, myself, uses a 30 foot telescopic pole with a 10 inch saw-blade attached to the top. Using an up and down movement with the pole, it is not uncommon to saw through limbs which exceed 4 inches in diameter. This movement alone is strenuous enough, but doing it with ones neck bent backwards and in some cases looking straight up 30 feet; is by far the most strenuous part of this procedure. Some limbs would require this movement for 5 minutes or more before they would be cut free of the tree. Because the pole is very flexible, it is also very difficult to control and keep the saw-blade in any one saw groove."



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