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Sheila Steele - Injusticebuster

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Sheila Steele - Injusticebuster
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Sheila Rose Steele




1943 – 2006





Finding the words to describe my encounters with Sheila, and the sense of loss I feel with her passing, has by no means been easy. The compassion this woman exuded cannot easily be described, nor can my grief.


I first stumbled across Injusticebusters in 2002 while searching for help with my worker’s compensation claim. Initially it was Sheila’s candour, her flair for cutting through red tape, and sharp wit that caught my attention. However after reading a few of her articles, it was her passion for helping victims of social injustice that won me over.


I wrote Sheila in praise of her efforts, and included a brief summary of my WCB difficulties. She promptly responded with a request for additional information. This resulted in a comprehensive article being posted on her site, which in turn gave me an incredible sense of redemption - not to mention a much-needed boost to my dwindling self-esteem.


I kept in touch with Sheila over the next few years, during which she remained a constant source of encouragement and support. Despite my repeated attempts to obtain mainstream media attention, I was unable to find reporters willing to cover WCB-related stories. Just when the situation seemed hopeless, Sheila again lifted my spirits by posting a follow-up article on her site.


It was Sheila who initially labelled me an “advocate" for injured workers, which admittedly caught me off guard. Though apprehensive at first,  I eventually grew comfortable in this role. Ultimately I feel that injured workers I’ve assisted to date, and those I’ll assist in the future, have Sheila to thank for this help. Without her encouragement and support, and the inspiration that came along with it, this assistance would likely not exist.




My sincere condolences to Sheila’s family and friends. While her passing undoubtedly leaves a void in your lives, I hope you find comfort in the profound affect she had on individuals like myself.


Thomas Brown


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