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Recent correspondences with the Labour Critic (SaskParty)

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There have been numerous correspondences with the opposition's labour critic (The SaskParty), far too many to post here. The following are merely a sample of the letters I’ve written, and the responses I’ve received.

----- Original Message -----
From: Tom Brown
To: Glen Hart (MLA - Sask. Party)
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 3:28 PM
Subject: Corruption

Dear Mr. Hart:



I had previously contacted your office concerning my WCB claim, and I refer you to my August 6, 2004 letter.


Attached to this message is the most recent of several appeals I have filed. In it I have raised 7 key issues that confirm corruption on the part of the WCB; that its’ handling of my work injury claim has been deliberate, dishonest, and extremely biased. These issues also confirm that I have been denied coverage that WCB legislation is intended to provide. Upon your review of this appeal, I am more than confident you will find the same. While this appeal is somewhat lengthy, please bear in mind that much of this information is documented evidence.


Following this message you will find my recent letters to the Minister of Labour, and the Premier’s office. Attached are their respective responses to date. Upon your review of these correspondences I am certain you will agree that the corruption surrounding my work injury claim, does not end with the WCB. Clearly the Minister of Labour is neglecting her responsibilities, and the Premier has turned a blind eye to this.


After 8 years I remain determined to expose this corruption but to date, have failed miserably. Any assistance from your office in this respect would greatly be appreciated.



Sincerely, Tom Brown



Thomas Brown

1114-C Blackwood St. N.

Regina, SK, S4X 3E5    



August 28, 2005



Mr. Ken Krawetz, MLA

Saskatchewan Party Labour Critic

265 Legislative Building

Regina, SK. S4S 0B3



Re: WCB Claim # 1007 0989 21D



Mr. Krawetz:


I am in receipt of your letter dated August 24, 2005.


I contacted you on August 9, 2005 concerning the corruption surrounding my work injury claim. I have provided your office with ample evidence that confirms this corruption, at both WCB and government levels.


On the other hand the Board at the WCB has offered you legal documentation pertaining to my claim, which has purportedly convinced you that no other options are available to your office.


The court ruling you refer to in no way prevents your office from investigating or exposing this corruption, nor does it excuse it. This ruling certainly does not prevent your office from applying political pressure on the government officials participating in these practices. Clearly you have decided to use this ruling to dismiss yourself from any further involvement. 


As to your suggestion regarding the WCB’s Fair Practices Office, I am not so naive as to believe that such an office would ensure anything remotely resembling fair practice.  I have been fighting against the Board far too long to believe such drivel. As for your alternate suggestion, not unlike your office the Provincial Ombudsman has also used the courts ruling as an opportunity to rid itself of my case. 


At this point in time the one thing I am grateful for is that you did not make the empty promises your predecessor made. Nonetheless it is very disappointing to learn that the party I supported cares little about this corruption, or how it affects the families of injured workers. Your party will not receive my support in the future.


Tom Brown 



Cc: Mr. Brad Wall, Saskatchewan Party Leader 




----- Original Message -----

From: Tom Brown
To: Ken Krawetz MLA

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 4:32 AM

Subject: Our correspondences are posted on the web


Thomas Brown

1114-C Blackwood St. N.

Regina, SK. S4X 3E5



August 29, 2005



Mr. Krawetz:


Please be advised that I have posted our recent correspondences on my website, together with a direct link to your email address, as well as  Mr. Brad Wall. You can access these correspondences via my home page at:


Alternatively, you can directly access these correspondences at: 


Please note that my website “Appealing the Saskatchewan WCB” is now searchable through Yahoo, Google, and MSN. In addition to this, direct links are posted on several other websites including “Community Of Injured Workers In Canada”, and “”.



Sincerely, Tom Brown



Cc: Mr. Brad Wall, SaskParty Leader  




In the fall of 2007 there was a change in the political landscape in Saskatchewan, in that "The Saskatchewan Party" formed its first-ever government. I have written numerous letters to this new government, the vast majority of which have gone unanswered. Subsequently I’ve dedicated an entire website to this government, which exposes their broken pre-election promises, and their efforts to cover-up WCB corruption.


Readers will find this new website here. 


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